Seminars and trainings

On site Seminars

We offer seminars held at your company's premises or a location convenient to suit the needs of your staff .

Following external seminars are available: 

  • Design principles for Anchors (CPD)
  • Anchor vs Rebar theory
  • fischer solution for civil applications
  • fischer solution for MEP & Seismic applications (CPD)
  • Principles on Firestop passive protection (CPD)
  • Inspection methodology
  • Installation system (SaMontec)
  • Types of corrosion
  • fischer design software: FIXPERIENCE
  • Specific solutions for facade
  • fischer solutions for Steal & Metal


fischer fixings, as an innovator and the world’s largest fixings manufacturer, one thing we have learnt above all else is the need to train and educate people who are involved with fixings. As the product ranges available become more specialised and diversified, the need for training continues to grow. This has become even more apparent as more complex and sophisticated design methods have been introduced. This put more pressure on specifiers who must be aware of the implications of specifying a particular product in a correct manner.

Various training sessions are available and these can be tailored to individual needs. 

Basic Product Training

These training seminar have been seveloped to address the needs of end users.

Onsite product Demonstration & Installation Training

In order to fully support installers and tradesman on site we offer a range of onsite demonstration, training and services including tool box talks.


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