The high-performance concrete screw for absolute mounting ease.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Up to three screw-in depths per diameter
  • No drill hole cleaning required:
      - for installation in ceilings or floors when using a hammer and diamond drill
      - when using a hollow drill with suction
  • Expansion pressure free anchoring with lowest possible axial- and edge spacing
  • Approval (ETA) covers single point anchoring in cracked concrete
  • Approval (DIBt) for multiple use of temporary anchoring e.g.  for formwork construction
  • The FBS II can due to official approvals be loosen 2x after the installation,  be lined and  readjusted.

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Zinc-plated by galvanization and powerful

  1. The specialised saw tooth geometry provides:
      - Quick and deep cutting into the concrete.
      - Optimal multiple use
  2. The thread geometry and the core diameter build a basis for high loads in concrete
  3. Underhead ribs prevent an unintentional loosening
  4. Different head shapes for a wide range of applications


Reusability for temporary anchoring of construction site equipment

The FBS II Ø 8-14 can be used for temporary fixings due to official approvals (ETA) (e.g. installation of formwork construction). Therefore, the thread diameter has to be checked with a test sleeve before any further installations.

As long as the screw end doesn't poke out over the test sleeve, the FBS II can still be used.


Three screw-in depths

Using the example: FBS II 10x100 45/35/15 US

Tension load in dependency to the screw-in depth
= low load 4,29 kN and 45 mm useable length
= middle load 5,71 kN and 35 mm useable length
= high load 9,61 kN and 15 mm useable length


Powerful and optimal for outdoor applications and wet rooms

  • The specially hardened red tip guarantees a noticeably faster and safer installation.
  • The concrete screw made of stainless steel ensures a high corrosion protection and allows the application in wet rooms and outdoors.
  • The ETA approval covers applications in cracked concrete, as well as the seismic performance categories C1 and C2.
  • The concrete screw ULTRACUT FBS II A4 offers the possibility for use in masonry (solid construction material).

Applications for the ULTRACUT FBS II of galvanized steel

Metal construction - Railing anchorage
Base Plate
Timber construction - Threshold anchorage
Timber construction - Beam anchorage
Angular bracket
Construction site equipment in the tunnel
Pipe routes
Cable routes

Applications for ULTRSCUT FBS II made of stainless steel A4

Metal construction - Bracket/ Base plate
Stadium seats